Like our eyes and most of our brain cells, once we hit adulthood our teeth will be a permanent fixture in our face, and if we are lucky enough, we might be able to take it to our graves. But sadly not many people get that privilege. Due to bad diet and poor dental habit, by the time we hit middle age, we start to lose a few of our teeth. And it will only get worse from there. What follows are 3 of the most common and effective ways to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Hopefully, these 3 tips will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of our mouth health and thus drive us to become a little more proactive in maintaining it.

  1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

The first tip, and also the most frequently suggested by both dentists and laymen alike, is to brush your teeth regularly. And to make it easy to remember, I will add an addendum. To keep teeth clean and healthy, remember the three 3s; brush your teeth 3 times a day, brush for 3 minutes, and brush less than three minutes after a meal. That’s easy enough to remember.

  1. Never Ignore a Toothache

Don’t ignore a toothache and any other pain in the oral cavity. Pain is a sign that there is a deeper and potentially more serious problem. So whenever you feel any pain, immediately consult your dentist so it can be addressed promptly.

  1. Pay a Visit

Finally, pay your dentists a regular visit for checkups and cleaning. Ideally, twice a year is the preferred frequency of such visits. Checkups could halt any potential problem that’s going on and a professional teeth cleaning could cleanse your teeth that brushing can’t.