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5 Best Hitting Drills to Improve Your Batting Average

Improve Your Play at The Plate and Boost Your Batting Average

In order to become a great hitter, you will need to practice specific drills that will work on the fundamentals. You can find most of these drills on a great informational site. This is the site our son uses a lot and calls it the best baseball blog because of all of the great tips on it. First of all, he improved a lot because of this blog. Second, it keeps him busy!

So, thanks to those guys our nights are quite now because he’s up all night reading and finding out ways to improve his play.

Enough of the side rant, but get used to it!

Are You Looking to Improve Your Batting Average?

Batting average is everything for young baseball players looking to play at the next level, such as college or professional. Scouts won’t come and see a kid who is batting under .300. In most cases, scouts will get tipped off on players who have over a .400 batting average and are slugging it hard at the plate. Grip strength is super important, but it isn’t the only thing!

The only way you’ll improve your batting average, is to practice super specific drills. We compiled a list to get you started on the right track. If you need more, you know where to go now!
Check this video out on some hitting drills:

Top 5 Drills for Hitting

These will be short descriptions, but you will get the point and the bulk of what we’re talking about. Ready? Let’s being.

Hitting Drill 1 – Downwards Swing

Hitting down on the ball is very important. The downwards swing drill will let you practice on the down angle pivot swing. As you take BP or hit off of a tee, hit the top middle of the ball on a downward angle. Take as many reps as possible. You’ll need them.

Hitting Drill 2 – Front Load

Load up the weight on the front foot and swing downward. You don’t want to get into weight shift first, you just want to start to feel comfortable with the weight forward and hitting down on the ball.
Hitting Drill 3 – Weight Shift

Now we can get into the weight shift. Get all that weight on your back foot and shift it to the front as you swing the bat on a downward angle. Keep practicing this drill until you are blue in the face! It is all about repetitions.

Hitting Drill 4 – Timing Hit Stick

Now you will need to do all of this with a real arm throwing, not a ball sitting on a tee. It’s time to practice the real thing. Time up your weight shift and everything else in our progression.
Hitting Drill 5 – Forearm Squeezes

You will need strong forearms to swing the bat with power and control. Use a rice bucket and reach in as far as possible while also squeezing your hands in the rice. Start with a 10 minute set, then work your way up to 20 minutes – 30 minutes.

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What Will You Do Next?

Hopefully take action and not sit on your butt on the couch all day. Get outside and start practicing! These are our best 5 hitting drills that will help you improve your batting average!